N.A.P.A. Photo Area

We are currently developing the software to run our photo area and galleries. Please check back again.

Important Photo & Video Advisory

The Niagara Antique Power Association captures both photographs and video at our annual Heritage Display. We do this as a means of preserving the past and to ensure that future generations can see and share in the events that have taken place here over the years.

Please be aware that we may publish both photos and video. We often share with local newspapers and other media, we use them in displays at our annual Heritage Display, we use them on our website, photo/video galleries and on various social media. We may also use photos and video in promotional materials for our organization.

If you would rather not have photographs and/or video containing your image displayed publicly, please let our photographer know using the contact information below. When requested, we will generally blur any photos and video in which you appear such that your image is permanently and forever unrecognizable.

For information regarding photos and video captured throughout the years, please contact our photographer by email at photos@NiagaraAntiquePower.org or by phone at 905-228-0270. Please leave a message and your call will be returned.

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