Mill Pond Trading Post Vendors

Mill Pond Trading Post vendors are required to read, agree to and fill out the following form and bring with them to the show with their items that are for sale.

Mill Pond Trading Post Vendor Guidelines & Inventory Sheet

Niagara Antique Power Association
Mill Pond Trading Post Vendor Guidelines

1. N.A.P.A. offers to display and sell your useable items.

2. All items must be coded with your assigned Vendor number and be priced by you

3. Prices of all items to be full dollar denominations (e.g. $5.00, $10.00, $25.00 etc.)

4. Small items of value less than $1.00 must be combined into lots to equal the dollar value

5. N.A.P.A. will retain a 10% selling fee to a maximum of $100.00 per item

6. N.A.P.A. will endeavor to provide "safe keeping" for your items. However, you display them at your own risk - N.A.P.A. is NOT responsible for the security of your items.

7. Protection of sale items in case of inclement weather is the sole responsibility of you, the Vendor

8. Each vendor must complete a legible Mill Pond Trading Post Inventory list as provided by N.A.P.A. prior to any transactions

9. The Mill Pond Trading Post will open at 9:00AM on the First Day of the show and then during regular show hours for the remaining days. It will be closed from 12:00PM (noon) to 1:00PM daily. All Vendors are encouraged to set up before the Mill Pond Trading Post opens. N.A.P.A. will provide durable price tags.

10. All unsold items are to be removed by the end of the last day, unless special arrangements are made with the Mill Pond Trading Post personnel. Items left will be disposed of by N.A.P.A. as they see fit.

11. N.A.P.A. will NOT be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.



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